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First steps

Once we have gathered enough information on your company and products, we create a profile of your business in Russian, compose a database of potential Russian business partners and send them a pitch. It only takes one email to bring life to a long-term collaboration.

Why do this?

Having content in Russian at your disposal is essential to ensure Russian-speaking partners will be interested in your product and fully understand it. It also shows your extra attention to the language and culture of potential Russian customers. Furthermore, you will soon get a complete list of companies which not only are potentially interested in your product but have already received information about it.

Reactions and feedback to the first email received also provide useful data on potential customers and partners’ interest in your product or service.

This is for you if:

  • you want to try to sell in Russia with a low initial investment
  • you want to test your product or service in a new market without spending too much
  • you need support in presenting your product and selecting business partners in Russia, but you want to manage negotiations and sales in total autonomy